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Cosmetic, Sedation & Implant Dentistry  

You will literally sleep through your appointment with little or no memory of your visit here. This means that you will have no memory of your experience here including the sounds and smells of the dental office. Those individuals who have difficulty getting numb experience great success when they are asleep.


It is extremely safe. There are no intra-venous tubes or needles and we do not use a general anaesthetic. You take one small pill before your appointment and will be totally relaxed. Difficult and involved dental treatments that would often require several appointments can be completed in one while you are asleep.

If you have avoided a visit to the dentist and feel you would like to experience the benefits of sedation dentistry, please call today to schedule your FREE consultation about this or any other aspect of dentistry you may have.     



Q.  Does it really work?


Most patients report that they feel absolutely nothing and that during their appointments they are relaxed, sleeping and comfortable at all times.

You will not be unconscious. You will be in a deep and relaxed state but will be responsive.

You will be sedated, so you will require a companion to drive you to your appointment and home again after.


One of our team members will be with you or monitoring you at ALL times during your visit with us. We will monitor your vital signs to ensure your safety.    



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