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BigSmiles Dental Care
#107-18640 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, B.C.
Dr. Larry Lu, DDS
Surrey Dentist
Tel: 778-574-8338
Cosmetic, Sedation & Implant Dentistry  

Surrey Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Larry Lu is an experienced, personable and “patient-centered” dentist to serve you with the utmost care and kindness.  As a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Lu provides a full range of services including cleanings, tooth-whitening, Invisalign orthodontics, white fillings, non-metal porcelain crowns, bridges, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.


Dr. Larry Lu and his small conscientious staff provide personal, professional care in a comfortable setting.  He spends time with each and every patient and works with only one patient at a time… No moving from “room-to-room” working with multiple patients during your scheduled appointment time.  This enables Dr. Lu and his small, personable staff to focus on your specific concerns and work with you exclusively.  Dr. Lu is committed to exceeding your dental and beauty needs.


Caring, personable, kind and knowledgeable are all words that would be used to describe the attention one will receive as a patient in the office of Dr. Larry Lu in Surrey, BC, Canada.  He strives to listen, diagnose and treat all patients in his Arlington office with quality care and attention to detail.  Although Dr. Lu does have dental assistants;  he personally provides the majority of all procedures while one is under is care.  Patients will experience and appreciate the time Dr. Lu spends directly focused on patient care.  Dr. Lu will spend nearly 100% of his time with you while being treated within his office.   


Having practiced dentistry since 2000 Dr. Larry Lu understands the importance of spending time, listening and discussing what his patients desire for their smile.


“With a Smile, We’re Changing Lives” ….. Contact us today!     



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Hollywood Smiles in Canada!

Extreme Smile Makeover Canadian Edition





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Smile Makeover

Whether you are missing a tooth or suffer from a loose denture, we have the solution.





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Dental Implants

From Wrinkle to Twinkle.


Kiss wrinkles goodbye!




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Our Location
Our Location
BigSmiles Dental Care
Cosmetic dentist in Surrey
Dental Services Offered at BigSmiles Dental Care:
Cleaning to promote healthy teeth and gums
X-rays with computer graphics
Examination with state of the art equipment
Resin Composite Fillings with white on-lay for cosmetic effect
Root canal therapy for deeper issues
Crowns and Bridges
Sealants for children to prevent cavities
Bleaching trays and in office (whitening services)
Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures
Veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures
Night guard to correct teeth alignment and prevent headaches
Invisalign - "Clear braces" that allow teeth to be straightened without altering the appearance of your smile
Deep Cleaning for patients who need more than the regular cleanings to ensure healthy teeth and gums   
Office Address: #107-18640 Fraser Hwy, Surrey Cloverdale, B.C.